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Why graphic design is more important in 2020 than ever?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It’s indisputable that the advent of Social Media Platforms has forever changed the way businesses market. Laying out a whole new ocean of opportunity. Much like the ocean in the Maldives, this ocean’s notoriety comes from the stunning atheistic of its content. That being said it’s clear that a well thought out visual brand is more essential now than ever before. Content is king.

The most successful brands have made a good first impression with consumers based off of catchy slogans, noticeable logos, and recognizable shapes, typography, color schemes, and of course great products and services.Doing so with the expertise of capable graphic design teams. Graphic design truly can thrust marketing campaigns to extreme heights. As humans, we are often drawn to visual elements and are more likely to engage with brands that appeal. Having a strong aesthetic appeal on top of a relatable corporate identity is a key component of a company’s success and credibility.

What makes a great graphic design?


A comprehensive graphic design scheme will summarize the vision and mission of the business. Drawing attention to the most important elements, while still focusing attention on the unique aspects of the design/content.


The design should be unique from competition to allow your business to stand out highlighting the company’s unique identity. Having a strong and relatable identity will increase general brand recognition among people.


The greatest designs will have considered consumer behaviors. A person’s state of mind can be influenced subconsciously and their perception of a business can often be changed depending on the design. Color alone holds so much importance to the psychology of Graphic design.

”Graphic design is more than just choosing a few colors that look pleasant together. Understanding the psychology of color and knowing how to use it strategically is one of the basic fundamentals of graphic design.”

Market Research

To have a successful impact of design one must first understanding your audience and how they perceive your company. This information is vital as, depending on your objectives, this perception may need to be changed.

Creative graphic design must be consistent as you want to build a brand that is instantly recognizable to customers. A defined brand gives the business a face, off of which trust can be built.

The formula is simple: creative content creates buzz, leads to further brand recognition, translating to increased sales. What’s not so simple is creating that stunning, one of a kind content that brings your business to where it belongs, on top.

Here at Promotonics we take Graphic Design incredibly seriously, and we believe the key to successful design is creativity and communication. We work with yourself and with your business from day one. Ensuring that the final product has the impact we all want and is something we can both be proud of.

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