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Top 5 Reasons Content Marketing Dominates

1. Google likes content!

Quality content is enjoyed by all. Especially the most powerful search engine out here today, GOOGLE.

Just ask Matt Cutts, former head of webspam at Google. Who has consistently noted that in order to rank higher in Google you need to “write great content.”

Google is the #1 choice of the majority of us when we're in search of a query, product, service, etc. This is due to them delivering the best search experiences by generating the top quality of our search first, above all else.

A 2018 study from SparkToro found that Google sends 10x more traffic to the average website than Facebook (and more than 10x for any other website).

In other words, content marketing dramatically boosts website traffic via your most effective traffic channel (Google aka organic search).

There are 9 more facts below, but this may just have said it all. Content is the king to Googles Emperor.

2. Content marketing drives more sales!!!

Boosting website traffic is meaningless if it doesn’t result in more sales.

We've noted the importance of web design in our modern age. The classic 90's website with a ton of writing, overused stock photos, and the unnecessary header tabs is out. Has been for quite some time. Keeping up with trends, examining redesign options ever 5 years (at least) is key in these times, and will be until something comes along that overrides the internet.

3. Content marketing vs. cold sales outreach

Waste of a lot of time and money. Cold sales or even those "hot leads" you get sold fail to drive any real ROI. Are you surprised? Do you like getting called by 10 companies after searching for "car dealerships near me"? Probably not. The point of Google of course is so you can find that dealership, grab an oil change, and move on with your life.

Content marketing helps pivot your sales efforts appealing to consumer psychology through aesthetic stimulation & relatability. Pair this with a properly executed Google ad campaign, and you'll wonder why cold calling still exists.

Note: Nobody likes being interrupted in the middle of their day by people trying to sell them something. That's not marketing, it's pestering. It's 2020 we have enough to deal with then to hear some poor saps pitch on how you should buy something so they get a commission.

4. Content marketing amplifies BRAND AWARENESS

Let’s say you run your family's shoe company. One day you decide to write an informative article that ranks 1st on Google for “how to pick the right fit.”

80,000+ people search "how to pick the right..." on Google every month. You’ve now put your brand in front of 960,000 potential customers every year (while ranked).

If you ever wondered if you should start a blog, well there's your answer.

You provided A+++ quality in this article, maybe without even meaning to. Hitting all the needed AdWords, easily digested verbiage, and maybe a quick explainer video. That unintentional A1 content just brought sales up and greatly amplified your family's brand awareness. On a global scale!

5. Content marketing provides compounding ROI

Going off our last example, let's say you decide to write a second article about "the best quality shoe brands, rated by an expert."

Given the increase in traffic via your last blog post, coupled with your newly found talent as a content writer; you rank 3rd on Google for “Best quality shoe brands,” which is searched for 31,000 times every month. You’ve now put your brand in front of an additional 372,000 potential consumers every year (while ranked), which results in say a 3% conversion rate of sale. That's 11,160 new clients. Pair that with your average service/product sales rate and BAM your winning.

These quick, yet vital examples of why content marketing needs only skims the surfers of the importance of content marketing in today's age. Politicians, Fortune 500 companies, your locally known businesses are all riding this wave. Profiting from pulling the trigger, making the investment, learning the trade themselves, or via blind luck.

It's not a matter of, do I need it? Will it work? Or is it worth it? It's about "when will I stop being scared and go?".

To close ask yourself this: Do I have the time to learn content marketing and take a DIY approach, or does it make more sense to partner with a team that does this every day?


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