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Tips For Generating 3x More Leads

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

"Did you know you generate 3x more leads at a 62% lower cost than traditional advertising with a solid content marketing campaign?"

Would you like to generate 3x the leads at a 62% lower cost?

According to DemandMetric, that’s what content marketing can do for you. But with competition for attention fiercer than ever today, how can you stand out?

3 Tips On Creating A Visual Content For Your Business Marketing

1. Video 

There are many ways to create and use video for your marketing purposes, and you need to be making videos on a regular basis with the tools available in your marketing mix. When executed correctly the traffic from a YouTube video alone is worth it. With COVID-19s impact still spreading across the globe, and many stay in place orders implemented, TikTok has seen a large spike in accounts, views, and creative content. This platform could be worth looking into. Another fun way to leverage video is by utilizing services like Cameo. Cameo is a platform that allows you to choose from a list of selected celebrities who will give put together a personalized video shout out for you. With Netflix usage widely increasing during these past few months, stay relevant and consider seeing which celebrities from this streaming service may be on Cameo. Videos are an extremely powerful tool, not to mention the advantages video has over text when it comes to conversions

Some popular ways to make videos include…

  • Talking head videos

  • Slideshow videos

  • Animated videos

  • Shorts (TikTok, Instagram)

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Product demos

  • Videos sales offerings

  • Get to know our team

  • And much more!

2. Images

There’s a reason why the top stock photo sharing sites are so widely recognized. We appreciate the aesthetic. There's a certain professionalism that is easily translated via expert edited or taken photos. Yet the day of seeking out stoke photos is coming to an end. Ask yourself how many pages you've seen the exact same stoke photos? The picture of people in a board room meeting, a desk setup, staged dinner picture. It's played out. Don't allow your company to cut corners and be that basic drab stock using website. Get creative! Give your local photographers a call. See if an amateur photographer is looking to build their portfolio. You may even just have a talented photographer on your staff. Creating unique imagery for your various marketing purposes, such as for blog posts, site content, advertising images is essential to setting your brand apart from the rest.

3. Infographics

Infographics are a hybrid of text and imagery with their own unique uses in the world of visual content marketing. Infographics are becoming easier and easier to create with platforms such as Canva. Canva and sites like it have enabled even those of us with very modest skills to create infographics and more with ease. Despite this fact, platforms like this do not share the quality of design that Photoshop or any Adobe software brings. Meaning if your competitor is working with a graphic designer, marketing agency, or has a staff member well versed in Adobe Suites then their content will vastly outshine the lower grade design work you're putting out there.

Content marketing in 2020 is more challenging than ever.

Visual content has demonstrated growing connections, on-site time and sharing. The benefits of content marketing are spread all over your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest feed. You have competitors who are reaping the rewards of this at this exact moment. The statistics are there and easily found when plugging "content marketing benefits" in your preferred search engine. Before you just jump into bed with a marketing agency, graphic designer, photographer, or videographer it's important to consider asking yourself some key questions to see if this would be the right move for you.

Questions to Consider as You Set Marketing Goals

  • What’s our competition doing — what % are marketing with content?

  • How much are they spending on it?

  • Is it just a B2B thing, or does it work in B2B too?

  • Do most businesses do their content marketing in-house? Or do they outsource?

  • Should I do my content marketing in-house? Or outsource it?

  • How likely is it my target audience will actually read, watch or listen to our content?

  • What percentage of our prospects would appreciate learning about our company through custom content?

  • What are the benefits of content marketing, versus traditional “one-punch” advertising?

  • What’s working today in TV ads? Direct mail? Email marketing?

  • What percentage of our addressable market would prefer to learn about us through articles than advertisements?

  • Does content marketing really help us build a positive relationship with our prospects?

  • Would our prospective customers find our content useful?

  • How do we go about creating a plan? What’s the step-by-step process?

  • What metrics do we need to track to make sure we’re getting a good ROI on our content marketing efforts?

Budgets are important, but so is your bottom line. Here at Promotonics Marketing Agency we not only recognize this but are built on this notion. We are in the business of increasing your own. We've been lucky enough to do so for various businesses throughout the nation and would love to see how we can be of assistance to you. The times we're all currently facing are uncertain and at times dismal. This is why whether you see yourself working with us or not we do want to help in any way possible throughout this pandemic. Our team and the Team a VP Creative Agency have made it our mission to join forces and set up free 45-minute Zoom meetings with struggling businesses. Shoot us an email at and let's schedule a time. That said, we wish all of you continued health and hope you stay safe and driven.

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