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TikTok Ban, Bad Advice, And What You Need To Know

For Tik-Tok influencers things just got real. Concerned "stars" have taken no chances preemptively posting videos urging their fans to follow them to rival platforms such as Snapchat or YouTube. Others have already thrown in the towel and traded in Tik-Tok for apps like Glassdoor. Reaching an even harsher realization, that Tik-Tok star holds little to no merit on a resume.

That's not to say we haven't worked with our share of Tik-Tok influencers on campaigns in the past. Let's face it the app is fun, relatable, and a real creative outlet for those of all generations. With 800 million active users worldwide and over 2 Billion downloads via the App Store and Google Play worldwide, there's some real marketing power behind this app.

Meaning if you're a business owner this app really seems like a great source for the generic content marketing strategy. If giving up personal & professional information is somehow worth the spike in sales then, by all means, you're the owner and you make the calls.

Where the problem lays here isn't in you "the business owner" it's in any agency who were late, or blind to the current danger in this application. Liability is the enemy of all, especially those operating in a professional or business compacity. If you were told by any marketing or advertising agency, business consultant, etc to open an account on Tik-Tok it's time to jump ship.

Thankfully odds are that's not the case. In fact, 74% of Marketers did not plan to invest in TikTok in 2019. As of 2020, that number has spiked following the media's interest in the ban of this app. One other spike we've seen as of late is that of "content marketers." The amount of these agencies, agents, creators, has been staggering over the past two years. Jumping even higher as a result of the effects of the ongoing quarantine. Many of which utilize tried and true tactics such as low prices for in-demand services. Resulting in some acquisition of clientele.

These newer prospects, as well as the in-place uninformed agencies, have directed their clients towards this app in the past. With no knowledge of the apps ongoing issues. Many have also neglected to inform their clients of the statistics of Gen Z & Millennials utilizing this platform.

It's no secret that there is a variety of political, security, & international differences/issues to be discussed when it comes to Tik-Tok. The one we have yet to read much about is the negative effects of agencies that have directed business owners to this app, putting there security and information at risk due to negligence. Yet there is no doubt at all that many have been directed towards this app via said agencies or individuals. Even if that information has been paying off for you, did the agency mention the risks to you? If not how many more times will their lack of research and knowledge put you at risk? Find out, or find a legitimate agency like Promotonics to further discuss your strategic opportunities.

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