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Tekashi 6ix9ine Marketing and a Menace, or Genius?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Whether you hate him or love him, it’s undeniable that this rainbow-haired New York native is an all-around marketing master. Let’s take a look at his proven marketing methods. It goes without saying that if you’re capable of being completely un-bias than there are lessons to be implemented here.

Consumer Shock

This starts with content. Creative, unique, in your face content. Imagery, video, audio that turns heads. Contrasting colors, trending fashions, sexual references, and humorous content. As a business owner when you may hear this, your mind goes straight to liability as it should. Yet, if you are a new brand this should excite you. Because let’s face it, with limited invested what do you have to lose? Anything that shocks viewers or gives them originality they’ve never seen before, leaves a long-lasting impression. Tekashi’s vivid rainbow-themed branding not only catches the eye but also works wonders on a monitor screen, setting it apart from the other two/three-toned color schemes. Additionally, rainbow hair made a massive fashion splash, trending in 2018, and Tekashi bagged this opportunity to brand his videos and clothing in rainbow hues. By this point, chances are you are one of the 4+ million viewers of his most recent video release. This video is a prime example of how effective pushing the sensory line is with consumers.

Watch here:

Social Media is King

After establishing his out of this world personality (brand) this young entrepreneur set his sights on the complete take over of his industry’s social media power. Being humble, color-coordinated, classic, or solely informative is boring. The majority do not care how fancy your page may look. We want substance and story. Adventure, and unexpected in your face controversy. Tekashi embraces his flaws, one of the most recent being a sell-out, and “snitch.” Yet prior he portrayed himself as a bad dancer, a troll of sorts, and this branding struck a chord with fans. Who’s perfect? No one is. This is the message he conveyed through this humor. The heart of the humor came from a true place and people relate to those who embrace their flaws rather than pretend to be the best.

Controversial Content Get’s Views

Publicity stunts, out of the norm perspectives, calling out your competitors mercilessly. That’s it. Think about Pepsi & Coca Cola in the ’90s and early 2000s. Their very public competition has stayed with you to this day. At this point, it's common sense that they hated each other. According to studies, people love to share videos that spark debate. Give people something new to talk about. It doesn’t have to be negative as Tekashi found worked best for him. It could be as simple as organizing a publicity parade or coming up with a wacky commercial. We’ve all seen those odd auto dealer commercials and can probably recite their corny slogans now. To a well-versed liability expert, this may sound like a nightmare, but it drives sales, raises brand awareness, and these two factors combined result in profit. So it works!

Promote Yourself Where it Counts

Find where the majority of your fan base is situated geographically and promote heavily in those areas. How you may wonder. Well, that’s simple, advertise.

Facebook alone offers you access to consumer data at a cheap rate. Throw some ads out there without even tampering with the settings. Let Facebook determine a fan base for you. This way you can see the age, area, and more about your potential target market.

Post your content on channels and forums used by most fans in that area. After, you start expanding your promotions globally if your company is looking to go beyond one set area. Tekashi initially released his music and videos on a channel based in Slovakia called ‘Fck Them’. Since most of his followers were based in Slovakia, Tekashi spent most of his early gigs touring through Europe. He did not make much at the time, but further, establish his brand and soon after singed his first successful deal.

Viewers Psychology, Understand it!

Find what specifics your target audience likes about your content & brand identity. This will help you in building a loyal consumer base. With this understanding, you as a business owner are also enabled to reach out to a highly targeted, similar fan base. Tekashi makes use of this marketing psychology strategy to target his audience. The rapper belongs to a generation where children and young adults with strong personal identities find it hard to conform to social norms. Because let’s be honest who really wants to do that.

Emotionally Connect with Consumers

Actively take part in community work in-person, conduct inspirational talks on topics like “Doing instead of dreaming” and “Creating a lasting brand”. Getting involved in charity events balances out negative press coverage as well as lets you contribute to the community. Tekashi frequently visits children’s hospitals and makes an effort to give back to his community. This enables his team to combat negativity, regardless of how beneficial it has been to them. In his most recent Instagram Live Feed 6ix9ine stated the following “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie.” This can’t be more evident, and no matter your emotional reaction to such a controversial figure, the truth is he’s got the millions and you don’t. Although we strongly believe that’s not how it should be. That is why we touch on such subjects and make it our purpose to drive our client’s revenues. We are Promontincs Marketing Agency, and we have a proven record of directing the light to where it belongs, ON YOU!

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