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Staying Positive Through COVID-19

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Businesses are also feeling the impact of the economic uncertainty created by COVID-19. The spread of the coronavirus is forcing owners to change the fundamental ways they work. This outbreak has forced businesses of all sizes to adjust — for example, business travel has, for the most part, has been canceled. Meetings are now held via ZOOM and other videoconferencing platforms. Despite the aid of technology small businesses can be particularly vulnerable to changes in spending by consumers. This has resulted in many owners being ready to throw in the towel. But we know that’s not who you are! So here are some ways to raise your positivity input and output.

Think Positive

The first step is the most simplistic and obvious, but paradoxically also the hardest to maintain. This is to think positively. The cancellations of meetings, social events and the suspension of public gatherings hurt. Even your favorite sports team is now unable to even access the locker room. Our current reality feels grim, this period in our history is a very painful one for friends, family, neighbors, and small business owners alike. Despite this, it’s no time to feed into despair. Think back to all the work you invested in yourself and your company. Reflect on the hardships to see where they have ultimately led you prior to this pandemic. You’ve been tested before and have passed. Whether it was by the skin of your teeth or with flying colors you’ve beaten the odds before, and you’ll do it again. Keep that mindset! Charge headfirst into this storm, build up your creative abilities, set aside capital for marketing and advertising, and sharpen your pen to be ready to write down your story of how you made it through.

Speak positively

Don’t just think it, say it. Throw it out into the universe, let everyone and everything know it’s not over for you. Start a YouTube channel to spread your message and promote your brand. If the pure thought of you being on video scares you find alternatives. What better time is there than now to start up a podcast? Leave the video behind if it’s not for you. Discuss your mindset, reassure your top consumers you’re not going anywhere. Don’t be afraid to ask for non-financial support. Sure it’s a challenging time, but speak up and let others know that you and your brand are up for the challenge.

Think outside of the box

Think about ways you can make your business better for the future. Change the colors of your office, repair everything you have been holding off on, make major warehouse organizational changes, implement a CRM system for managing clients. Sign up for email campaign software. Improve your client tracking and data intake.

A small amount of business and brands will handle this situation the right way. ACT! Be one of them. People will remember how you handled your brand and marketing during this time. So instead of just pushing your message today, focus on the future.

When things stabilize, make sure you have a good online strategy in place. This means planning ad campaigns, display advertising, sending promotional postcards. If you plan for it right now, you will be ready, and your transition will be a lot easier and ROI rewarding. It’s easy to go online and watch a video on Facebook ads, but we guarantee the effects of that are dwarfed by your local marketing agencies. Act today, give some agencies a call. See who works for you. Although we are certain that could be us, this is no time to be selfish. Agencies are made to help (the good ones anyway).

Stay positive, healthy, and driven.

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