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5 Social Media Marketing Tips Not To Ignore In 2021

There are hundreds of benefits of using social media to your advantage as a business owner. One of the ways is social media marketing, and this has proven itself to be a powerful influencer of digital marketing sales in recent times. With so many variations, methods, platforms to SMM, how do you hone in on the key elements? In this article, we will take a look at the most important parts of social media marketing your business should not ignore.

Important parts of Social Media

  • Sponsored Ads: The key element that attracts business owners to sponsored ads is the wider reach that they have access to. One of the most appealing aspects of this is that there is a feature that allows you to showcases your products and services to a specific set of people based on an algorithm. This is called targeted ads, and it is used to reach out to people that might be interested in your products and services. This feature's importance is that it lets you reach only interested customers, and it comes with a higher conversion rate than just reaching out to the general public.

Platforms like Facebook and Google are juggernauts in the ad space world. Utilizing them to your advantage is key to brand awareness, sales, and impact. Don't just throw your money at them, as they have plenty of it. Utilize a certified professional or professionals to get the most out of your investment, seeing the highest ROI.

  • SEO Foundation: After using sponsored and targeted ads to reach your potential consumers, you have to understand that generating organic traffic plays a part in improving your chances of making a sale. This is why you also have to incorporate keywords and hashtags in your content before posting them on your social media page. The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to have your content rank better and reach a larger audience via platforms like Google or Bing. Even though SEO might seem like a costly venture, you should start laying down the foundation using hashtags on your short content posts. One big Tip we tell so many of our clients is to use your business name as a hashtag! This will help make your content appear when your business name is searched. Setting up a proper SEO foundation is a vital part of social media marketing that you need to keep in mind.

  • Live Streaming: People used to use stunning graphics and pre-made videos to communicate online before the advent of live streaming. After its inception, it changed the way a lot of people viewed social media. Officials in large corporations could go live and talk directly to their customers, and overall, its use had a massive impact in the marketing industry.

What does this mean for your business? Everything! There is no better way to raise trust and loyalty in your customers than by talking to them live. One thing a lot of people do, subconsciously, is to try to put a face on a successful corporation. People want to know the brains behind the business, and putting yourself out there gives you more credibility than your competition. However, if you are not interested in live streams and public speaking, you should consider video marketing. Videos are a sure-fire way to drive brand awareness, catch attention, and stand out. Yet to really set yourself apart finding an outside professional production group or agency like TallyPhoto is your best bet.

  • Follower Relationship: After you've posted your live streams/pro video and implemented targeted ads you should be on the road to seeing a nice return. Many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by their company's success and begin to struggle to keep track of their customers. Sadly, they often don't realize that more customers mean more requests, complaints, inquiries, and suggestions. If your consumers have to wait for days to get a proper response from you, then you might lose them to a competitor that is willing to take them seriously and handle their requests swiftly.

Take Action: Prepare yourself for the possibility of an influx of new clientele. Setup your automated responses, have extra products ready to ship (if possible), and most of all don't forget to set a portion of your return aside for the next round of social media marketing you'll surely be doing again.

Author: Muriel Ortiz

Taking initiative and reaching our agency to collaborate on the above article shows the driven entrepreneurial character of this young author.


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