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Is Your Logo Any Good? 3 Steps To Know

Your brand's logo is one of your business's most important assets. It has a huge job to do: Communicate the company vision and the promises of your brand to your audience in a way that is memorable.

Many business owners wonder, “is my logo any good?”

This question can and will apply to existing businesses as well as those preparing to design a new logo for their start-up business or product.

Here are some quick signs that you might want to consider a new logo or how to create a new one that works.

1. It Looks Like Everyone Else

Often, brands can be described as boring or generic. This is a bigger problem than you might realize.

The issue here is that your brand may not stand out against the competition. This means that any promotions you do, may in fact simply advertise the ‘category’ of your products or services versus your company-specific niche.

The solution?

You need a strong, distinctive logo with codes (based on elements of your brand) that you can use across all your marketing efforts.

2. It Doesn’t Resonate With Your Target Market

Many logos are created when a company is relatively new to the market. As it happens, this means that most logos are based on the original assumptions of the founders on who their target markets are.

Fortunately, your target market is likely to change over time. Think analytical here. Take a look at the data you now have, your current consumer type, or the newly found target market you’d like to tap into. Who does your current logo really resonates with, and are those the right type of consumers you need for continued growth?

Time for an update.

3. It Doesn’t Work Where It Needs To

It is a cliché to say that the media landscape has expanded rapidly. But this really does mean something important. Your logo must work across more formats.

Previously, you may have just had to consider your logo working on stationery, outdoor media, business cards, or just your website.

These days, you may want to consider whether your brand works properly for social media (icons), apps, mobile experiences, watermarks, and other new media formats. It’s 2021, and if there was ever a good time for a rebranding/new design it's now.

Now’s when content is being devoured at such a hirer rate, given the pandemic. Take full advantage and don’t miss out on this great, yet parodically unfortunate time in our history.

Staying alive was what 2020 was all about. It’s now time to thrive and devote further efforts to marketing. Fill in the void so many businesses have left behind due to the hard hits this pandemic delt so many.

Carpe Diem!


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