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Google vs Facebook, The Fight For The Best Return

In our current stay at home state, many business owners & entrepreneurs find themselves further exploring the world of online adverting. Utilizing this powerful world of marketing as a means to boost sales, keep their brand in front of an audience, or raise awareness of their new business venture. Although the intention is noble it's truly important to understand the differences between both platforms before continuing to throw hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned capital to these advertising giants.

It's important to understand the fundamental differences between Google Search Ads and Facebook ads. In addition to the core differences, there are other minor differences, making both platforms seem simultaneously more and less appealing. One of the biggest differences between Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads is search intent. Google searchers are specifically looking for something. Think [Chinese food near me], you are looking to purchase Chinese food close to you. Keyword purchase. Google Search Ads is the go-to for a quick boost in sales. This is where you invest your ad money when you want that phone to ring.

Facebook Ads are different. Facebook users are shown ads based on their interests, not necessarily their immediate needs. This enables you to advertise to people who are not necessarily searching for your product or service. They might be looking at cat videos and artsy photos on Facebook and happen to see your ad when it passes through their news feed. Sparking interest, increasing brand recognition, converting into website visits, and ROI, when done correctly.

Facebook Ads are a great way to generate awareness and interest in your product or services. You can have the most amazing product or one-of-a-kind services, but If people don’t know you exist, how can they be interested in what you offer? This is the basis of content creators. Content marketers (the legitimate ones) step up, get those creative gears turning, and develop your unique content that drives or “converts” interested individuals to consumers.

Consider this formula for winning results: Unique Video/Contnet+FB Ads+Visual Web design or landing page (with quick load time, proper call to action, easy on-page navigation, email collection tools, and visually appealing) = ROI. Sitting behind your laptop playing with Canva, then boosting that post is not going to work. Can it get interactions, yes! Conversions, most likely not.

Google Search Ads are great for targeting people when they’re specifically searching for your product. The caveat here is the cost, the complexity in comparison to Facebook Ads, and the time needed to invest to get this right. The power of Google Search Ads is vast, but for the best, in ROI the execution must be precise. This should not dissuade you from giving it a test run on your own. You most likely will see some results. What we always suggest is taking that return and investing in either an agency or more resources to further your understanding of Google Ads.

To conclude use Facebook Ads If you’re looking for superior targeting and willing to try retargeting. Facebook Ads are ideal for you if your industry is small and you need a wider reach.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for higher intent traffic and want a greater variety of ad types then Google Search Ads are best to use.

Who says you have to pick either one? You can use both if you have the budget. If not, consider experimenting with both for a short period of time and then cutting the one that performs worse until your budget grows.

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