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First Impressions Matter: Essentials In Media And Brand Design

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Snap judgments may be a bad habit instilled in us all but; they’re an unfortunate part of our nature that is still alive and well. With first impressions being so important it is essential to all in the business community to keep up with creating unique, quality, memorable content. This is especially relevant for those trying to break into the world of business. With seemingly endless funding being funneled to advertising platforms by the big corporations keeping up is quite the challenge. This is where consistent, unique, custom and creative content really can set you apart and help propel you to that big corporate level many of us dream of.

"It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, idea, or business. Logo’s and Websites are no different."

These numbers come from specific studies that have been hyperlinked above. In the first study, participants twice rated the aesthetic appeal of web homepages presented for a short duration each. Only to be followed up by a study with exposure time to 50 ms. Both studies concluding that the amount of time needed to form a first impression is very minimal.

"It takes about 50 milliseconds (ms) (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your Website or Logo. This opinion in turn determines whether they’ll chose to learn more about your business and services or just plain move on."

Now that we know how fast an impression is made, and how important a good one is…what’s next? How does one set their business, logo, or website apart? To answer this we must look at the design of your logo or web page. We need to determine whether these pinnacles of your brand are meeting the WOW factor. The wow factor is based on the primary aspects found in memorable and successful brand sites and logos. These factors consist of: structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, amount of text, fonts, and uniqueness.

If users “instantly” like your logo or website, they’ll be more likely to oversee possible hiccups down the line, which hopefully never occur. This kind of priming may also work the other way: A negative first impression decreases the overall traffic and satisfaction that may arise had the customer chose to go with you.

If you want to make a good impression, which you clearly do having taken the time to read this article, all that’s left is finding where to go. Look no further; here at Promotoincs we have a team of design experts ready to differentiate your log or site while at the same time customizing the design to meet your vision. With 24hr call-in availability, expert staff, over a decade of experience in media design, we direct the light to where it belongs, On You!

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