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Evolution Of Digital Marketing And Impact On Global Business

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The technological evolution has made the world a global village. Interaction with human beings is possible even with hundred of miles apart easily. This interaction can build connections and narrow the communication gap between countries allowing them to prosper individually. The overall development of the world is growing at a faster rate. In this digital, the business also needs new techniques for their progress and improvement.

Digital marketing is one of the latest trends that helps in promoting products and services with the help of distribution channels for reaching out to consumers in an effective manner. Digital marketing includes different techniques along with Internet Marketing. Digital Marketing includes the use of SMS, mobile phones, and other ads apart from the use of Internet Marketing. The communication with the audience remains the traditional way, however, the medium is digital with technology advancement. Digital marketing is an important method for marketing with a combination of multiple channels.

The evolution of digital marketing has been seen in the past years with new methods or new approaches that are created to attract the customers for purchasing their service or product. This evolution has made a global impact which the current research paper discovered. The two different methods of digital marketing have made a global impact on the progress of an organization. Thus, with the use of digital marketing high returns in investments are made with different marketing strategies(Morozan, 2001). The evolution over the years with the use of blog articles, SEO based concept articles, and many other digital marketing prospects make the market a better place for investment and better performance.

Global Marketing Issues

Evaluation of the country is completed and selection is done such that the selection process can be carried for the current project. Evaluation can be carried with identifying location by general scanning and scope of the future. Marketing is one of the major issues in partnership with the current program. International operations can be carried out with Global Marketing and manufacturing business. The 4Ps of the marketing mix, Price, Product, Promotion, and Place are accomplished in the Global Market. For choosing a product, legal considerations, labeling, environmental sustainability, economic considerations, and sales consideration is taken. For pricing, government intervention, diversity of the market, price escalation, and currency fluctuation are made. For promotion branding worldwide, and using a uniform language should be passed. Thus, global marketing issues deal greatly with the current trends in the market. Distribution of the current product will include the consideration of the marketing mix, and checking the requirements and demand of the product or service in a particular market. If a developing company is making applications, the global demand should be seen and then the application should be marketed and then distribution can be done.

Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing refers to the marketing of business with writing blog articles on certain websites that host blogs and redirect users to the business websites in face of increasing the trading of products or services. The activity can assist in helping certain people who can have experience for the study, thought, idea, or reaction by writing a blog with restricted access. A blog is considered a set of posts that are created based on the variety or a particular subject. This is direct marketing of the website with internet sites that are redirected to the particular web page.

Blogs can be expressed as authentic and uncensored expressing of ego that provides a final version for publishing on a website. New concepts are being experienced with shifting from personal blogs with a better experience for blogs used for professional communication. The audience for blog articles is the people who are interested in making diaries. The people who are interested in reading things that are written by other people are the main audience of these articles(Vechiu, 2004). Since the innovation in software, there is an increase in writing blog articles with people writing blogs through different devices and post them online. This helps companies to market their products.

Blog articles can create great ideas and allows a new vision to the product or service that is being sold by the seller. It provides an efficient way of interacting with the audience along with the marketing of products. Blogs develop a relationship with customers and can take up challenges that provide a positive experience with them. Thus, marketing through blogs is an innovative way with the development of digital technology.


Traditional marketing includes advertising through banners, brochures, and many other features. The same way advertisement is a traditional tool used with the technology of digital marketing. Advertisement is done by companies on digital media such as television and social media websites. Interactive television helps in building advertising specialists to complete the relationship between the audience and channels on the television. It can provide new content for the policy of broadcasting and thus fighting for viewership is a mandate in this scenario.

The content of advertisement targets the viewers around the world through mobile phones and entertainment providers such as television, YouTube, and many other sources.

Digital medium is used to promote the product or service the company is offering to its customers. Multimedia advertisement with various programs is carried by the companies to attract the customer base.

This way interactive communication is developed between the consumers and the sellers of the product/service. Digital interaction provides a diffusion rate of 90% and most of the EU countries have developed a National plan to establish broadcasting in digital parameters. Also, advertisement on Google and Instagram with pay per click charge helps the case for digital marketing. This can essentially develop a traditional interaction between editors and advertisers. Thus, these models are used for the main slide for the application of good viewers paying per click.

Mobile Marketing

With a developed market available for the people to market the products or services on digital platforms, it is important to note that these platforms also include marketing through mobile where the reach can be unlimited with the available devices in the market. Mobile services with capabilities that are unique are controlled by operators that provide limited access to others. The application of mobile can create a ground that is fertile for competitors in the mobile industry. The mobile application provides solutions that offer exciting and novel technology worldwide with single-point connectivity with different operators around the world.

As the entertainment business is being overlapped, the budget should be reduced for brand marketing in the purchase of content on mobile. These brands are concerned with creating catchy content for an advertisement that subscribers wish to save and that can be sent to their friends. This solution is provided by mobile marketing that develops relationships and cooperation with the specialists in the marketing of mobile with SMS and MMS for receiving different means of personal devices(Enache, 2017).

Mobile marketing can be entertaining or can be informative depending on the need of the customers. Advertising campaigns are developed for exploiting new technological phenomena that include blogging and providing further images in marketing patterns for users of mobile.

Text messages and multimedia messages are another branch of mobile marketing with companies texting and sending MMS to their customers in order to attract their customer base towards purchasing or subscribing to their product/service. As mobile marketing specialists claim their service is uninterrupted, and no financial income is generated, it is recommended to identify sponsors for text messaging companies for achieving greater benefits. Thus, mobile marketing can prove to be an exceptional tool in generating profit for the organization.

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Broadcast marketing

Marketing through broadcasting provides a format that allows reports and profits for the organization. Reading applications such as Amazon Kindle, streaming applications such as NetFlix can be used as an advertising medium through which they can develop products and advertisements attracting a larger audience.

Broadcast marketing includes the use of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) technology through which information is introduced to the user from the various channels available. RSS is considered to be the future in digital marketing and thus evolution of technology has helped in improving marketing techniques. The ideation, however, remains the same for the marketing of the product/service to the customer. The medium used for marketing their service of the product remains the same.

For broadcasting, news channels such as Adevarul, EvenumentulZilei, CHIP, and others have used these marketing techniques and shown a flow of RSS format while representing the news. Also, there is constant development that can be seen in the market with practices in business that are in the development process. Therefore, the new innovative techniques can help businesses to achieve more and more obvious results.

The evolution can be seen from the use of traditional forms such as newspapers, banners, and others to currently advertising on streaming services, social media websites, SEO concepts, and many other forms. The current trends with broadcasting marketing, advertising on social media, blog marketing, and many other such sources are a result of new mediums that are used for marketing products.

Impact on Global Business

With affordable methods, online advertising is made with printing advertising with a number of people that can be reached on various social media websites. Online marketing, therefore, becomes an affordable medium to market the services. Variety and more options are available that can access different outlets in marketing. The overall impact also includes the reach the sellers can receive as well as the marketing team can provide reach to the consumers on different levels building a happy customer base.

Political situations in a country impact the business with economic settings impacting the overall development. Differences between Democratic and Republic policies in the United States influence certain factors including taxes, government spending, and thus affect the economy. Business operations are affected by the lack of stability in politics and operations in the country are international. Riots, a general disorder in the environment occur with a lack of stability. Disruption of business operations affects the operations in the business.

With a number of positive impacts increasing the value of Global Business, there are certain negative impacts that hinder the progress of the Global Business. The message that is supposed to be sent is interpreted incorrectly at times that sends the incorrect message that is to be interpreted. One of the other negative impacts includes the content remains forever on the internet and retraction of the advertisement that might sound offensive to certain groups of people cannot be done under any circumstances(Kamal, 2016).

The overall impact is taken as positive even with negative marketing techniques. It can help in accessing broader audiences with digital marketing that illuminates different businesses in different ways that can save time, money, and provides new customers. The competitors of the company on a global level include the usage of marketing mix and variety of products or services that can help the company increasing its revenue.

With the increase of use of technological resources, it is important to note that the different mediums that can be utilized for the better-publicized content on the market which can interact with the audience. Increased use of technology has led people in the world to connect with each other easily. Interaction and communication therefore for the business to make with the audience at a global level is easy. The reach of the business has increased with the use of resources. Thus, the business can be seen impacting on a global level with the continuous and increased use of technology and digital mediums.


Digital technology has evolved in recent times with evolution in the technological department. Digital marketing follows traditional marketing techniques with new mediums for promoting certain products or services. Digital marketing has evolved with new technologies and marketing techniques such as Blog marketing, Broadcast marketing, Mobile marketing with texts and MMS marketing techniques, and advertisement on different platforms. Blog marketing creates an audience who are interested in reading content written by users and that can be used to develop marketing techniques in writing blog articles. Advertisement of products can be carried on the digital medium and mobile marketing will help to promote new schemes and offers to the customers. Broadcast marketing will be marketing the product through television broadcast and newspaper headlines. Streaming services are also included in the promotion of the mentioned service or product.

Therefore, the evolution is made from traditional marketing to digital with new mediums to evaluate. The overall impact of Digital marketing on the Global Business is seen as positive with a number of companies achieving excellent success with the help of the marketing of products through their websites. This also helps in providing a better market place to a larger audience. Thus, digital marketing is a boon in the business world.

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