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Digital Trends of 2021, Cheap and Easy

Each of us crossed our fingers as the ball dropped at 12:00 am, hoping that 2021 will not repeat the chaos of the year that shall not be named. The events of the pandemic have had an acute impact on the upcoming digital trends. In this article, we will highlight a few of the most important. Note: After reading, you will receive +10 Intelligence and +5 Agility in your marketing strategy.

How not to lose your uniqueness and stand out in 2021?

1. Sincerity and live communication It is very important to talk about yourself. Give more live communication: respond to comments not only with smiles, hearts but with dialogue. Ask questions and joke appropriately with your subscribers/followers. For brands, in order to sell a product, it is necessary to show its “soulfulness”: is the product something is made by hand? Maybe some detail was made from recycled materials (which a lot are, and you may not know). Maybe some percentage of the proceeds will go to charity. It is more important for people in 2021 to see the process and have an idea of the people who are behind the product/service.

2. Carousel Posts

Why are carousels needed? The carousel creates added value for the content in the eyes of the audience through visualization and interaction. These posts are well preserved, which expands organic reach. Carousels run well if they have humor, creativity, or usefulness to attract a free ranged organic audience. They're just good, trust us.

3. Short video format Free time has become a real luxury. Thanks to the TikTok platform, users no longer want to waste their precious seconds on things that they are not interested in or will not be of any use in the future.

Leading companies quickly adapted and now Facebook launched Instagram Reels, Google launched YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat launched Spotlight. Your ad should ideally appeal to consumers in a six-second frame. Which is how much YouTube takes for one of the most effective bumper ad formats.

4. Technologies in Marketing Augmented reality - Instagram masks that take it to a new level. Brands are gradually adapting technology to their advantage. Buyers also benefit from this, now they can try on their favorite shade of lipstick or select furniture for the interior through the smartphone screen. Think Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram filters.

5. Hashtags

Everyone's favorite hashtags are back in the ranks. The once-forgotten free promotion method will become the top one in 2021. It helps to search for bloggers in narrow-profile topics, find accounts by interests and learn about local companies and objects. Up to 30 hashtags are allowed in any message. Please note: · Hashtags increase the availability of content in search.

· To increase the audience, a complex of tags should be used.

· You should not overuse hashtags and add those that do not correspond to the profile topic.

6. Nostalgic Marketing Nostalgia sells, it's a fact.

Pokemon Cards, Retro cinemas, songs, and 8-bit games from childhood evoke nostalgic tears of happiness in each of us. Brands have romanticized the consumer's past for centuries. Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Instagram, and others skillfully play on the theme of the past and set the tone for communication in the market.

This is especially true now when we look back and think about how little we appreciated the privileges of living without a pandemic. One of the current social media trends is to check your content catalog and find products that can be relaunched. Don't be afraid to use elements of the 90s in your marketing strategy, it is now more than relevant, and will also help to make your advertising "viral" and attract more audience.

7. End of the cheating era

It is no longer fashionable to have a bunch of soulless likes and "dead" bots in subscribers.

Imagine, you go to a brand page and you see that it has 10,000 subscribers, and there are 10-20 likes under the posts. Will you trust him? Heck, go look at that girl's page you knew in high school. She may claim to be an influence with that massive

10K+ following, but her posts are only getting 10% or fewer likes/comments?... click unfollow.

GIVEAWAY into the firepit

Most of the people subscribed to you will not be interested in your page at all, they are only interested in the prize. After participating in such contests, 90% of the audience will simply unsubscribe and go into the sunset. What do you get at the end?

Draining money for its implementation and lowering organic coverage on the page. The influx of giveaways in 2020 where massive, as it's a commonly known marketing tactic. Yet the payoff for many is visible not there. As is there lack of understanding proper strategic marketing execution.

2021, only organic account growth, only hardcore!

Of course, these are not all the trends of this year, but those that we decided to highlight. As all can be implemented at free or at a low rate.

2021 promises to be one of the most memorable years for digital marketing. In large part due to the fact that many have the need for this skill set more than ever before. Yet like anything marketing takes time, effort, and discipline to learn and properly implement. Take the time to learn, and if the luxury of time is not in the cards reach out to an agency that knows.

It's time to forget about faked stories, dry texts, and boring content. Sparkle with creativity, sincerity, and lively communication with your subscribers. Have the light shine on you and your brand with the experts here at Promotonics.

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