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8 Tips To Boost Your Marketing Resume

You may have applied for many jobs in the social media industry and wonder why you didn’t hear back from the agencies to which you applied. Well, companies receive tons of CVs and emails daily from job seekers. With an extremely large boost since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

With remote jobs being the new norm, millennials graduating with marketing degrees in larger numbers than ever, and experienced marketers jobless due to the ongoing pandemic. Having your resume stand out is more important than ever before.

To get jobs in the social media industry, you should be keen on following 7 steps to avoid getting your CV neglected by the HR

1. Create a professional email name

mastermario1991@….com @ Mgklover@….com, Etc, just doesn't fly. Granted you may like your "cool" old email and usually check it, But teenage usernames are for social activities and personal use only, If you don’t have another email take a minute and create a business email in Gmail (preferred), a username should contain your first name and second or last name, If it’s not available you may add your year of birth. Adding an email profile photo is not required, feel free to add a professional photo for you or don’t, but never use flowers, balls, and other templates!

2. Don’t send to ALL companies in the same email… EVER

You may find various job positions open in a single social media agency. Don’t get lazy and send your CV in only one email for all open positions. You should send a separate email for each open position. Not only do you look unprofessional your email might actually never be seen and be marked as spam.

3. (no subject) are the 2 most hated words for Hr specialists

Write a short subject describe the email content, don’t leave it empty, simply mention the job title you apply for, For Examples: Copywriting Vacancy, Digital Marketing Specialist Vacancy, Social Media Expert Seeking New Opportunity, … etc.

4. The email body is here for a reason

You have to know that each part of the email has meaning and has to be filled with suitable content, there is common etiquette for sending an email, starting from the intro to the end of the email. Briefly say formal hi and write short phrases of what you are applying for and an introduction about your years of experience in the social media industry to make the HR specialist open your cv and have a look.

5. Portfolio, CV, or Resume?

Now we are in the email core, your experiences and qualifications are about to get noticed. The jobs in Social media and the digital marketing industry, in general, have a lot of job titles, each focuses on some keywords, For example: – If you are applying for a copywriting vacancy, you should send examples of your previous piece of content. – If you are applying for a digital marketing specialist position so you should focus on how many projects you’ve handled and which channels you worked on. – If you are applying for managerial level so your years of experience, high-level courses, and education are the most important here to be mentioned. Now you are able to decide which type of documents you will send to show your qualifications, Portfolio for the first example, CV for the second one, and CV or resume for the third case.

6. Attachment format is highly important

The attachment file should be; Safe, with light size, and not open-source like word files (don't ever send a Word file, your college days are over), PDF is recommended. There are websites that provide an online profile to upload your CV and portfolio to be shown in well-designed shapes, like &

7. The prime skill that you may not think to list

Sales! Yes, any open position you apply for in the digital world has a use for your sales ability. Creativity is great and key when you have campaigns to get creative on. But how do you get those campaigns? SALES! We love it if your social and have sales experience. This also can open up further opportunities for you to bring in some $$$ via commissions.

8. Be honest about your experience

Finally, be honest about your exact experiences and qualifications. Don’t underestimate yourself, or overestimate. If you are at an entry-level don’t be shy to mention it, the employer will respect this and will find the position that fits you. In fact, this may be ideal for some. As maybe they have a set way of doing business, and instead of reteaching you, they can just teach you their strategy.

Finally, the 4 DON'Ts on a resume

1. Overkill on a resume is common and a huge turnoff. Two pages tops! If you have 10yr experience. If your new (meaning under 7 years in the industry) one page is all you need. None of us want a full page of keywords like reliable, excel professional, organized, etc.

2. Only ad your most relevant experience (including sales). We don't need to hear about your days as a bag boy, deli server, etc.

3. Don't add a picture to your resume. Just don't.

4. Don't rush your resume. Double-check for errors, and be sure your contact information is up to date.

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