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7 Reasons You Should Start Growing Your Personal Brand With A Podcast

Daily we see more and more businesses launching podcasts. Utilizing this powerful way to reach customers. Not only is it easy and free to make a podcast, but with platforms like Achor & Podtastik it's incredibly simple. Podcasts are an ongoing opportunity to connect with your audience, personalize your brand, and grow your business. If you own a business, here are 7 reasons why you should start a podcast:

1. Podcasts are more popular than ever, In 2020 Over 120 Million Americans listen to podcasts. With half (60 Million) tuning in regularly, listening every single month.

It is a Huge Market that needs more content from all kinds of niches. So many "content marketers," these days think you should hire them to take pictures with there Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLRs. Yet they neglect to mention that you can start this marketing strategy seemingly free.

2. Easy to consume, People roaming around with their smartphone can listen to your podcast anytime! Whether they're cleaning, driving, or just taking a walk. Podcasts can help people to educate and inspire them daily while saving time.

3. Connecting with the audience on a deeper level. Express yourself on more than just Mr. or MRS. Professional. Maybe you're a Mom, Dad, Philanthropist, Avid Tennis Player, Videogame Fanatic, Movie Lover, Etc. Well, talk it out. Some of your listeners are on the same page. Relate to your audience, don't just sell.

4. Easy to start, you can start your own podcast with a budget of 300. Yes, that's right 300, or less. Places like Amazon offer Podcast startup packs that run quite cheap. It's true the quality won't be studio quality but, people will be able to hear you and that's what counts in starting.

5. Grab some passive income with your Podcast, Yes it is possible to monetize by sponsorships, advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling your own services, and merch via your podcast.

6. Getting huge support from your listeners is awesome for your personal brand. They're the people who know you personally on a deeper level. Your direct market of locals you can really relate to, and vice versa.

7. Be the host. Host local business owners, family, friends, even pets on your podcast. Embrace the community and show the caring side of yourself and your brand.

If you want to start your podcast but need some help, connect with us here at Promotonics. We will help you get started, and even assist in the development of strategy that will benefit you in a variety of ways.

If you yourself are a Podcast listener feel free to check our channel B.E.C.I.T (Business, Events, Culture, Individuals, & Technology) out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Also, check out Hashthatt a really amazing marketing based podcast.

Listen Here:

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