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5 Marketing Tactics to Fight COVID-19

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

1. Keep Your Customers Informed

With the rise of COVID-19 small businesses all over our great nation find themselves thrown in the midst of a very tumultuous climate. Forced in making life-altering decisions based on state and government requirements needed to combat further spread of coronavirus. In the time of COVID-19 small business owners are faced with choices whose effects could ultimately lead to possible demise. As a business owner writing this blog, I really mean it when I say I DO NOT want to see that happen to any fellow entrepreneur, business, individual, or family. It’s clear to me that this team has a duty to do what we can to prevent this. We’re doing so by scheduling free hour-long Zoom meetings with a fellow marketing agency (VP Creative Agency) to dedicate our time, knowledge, and marketing expertise. Please feel free to contact us via the contact tab above or directly at

We’re here to help. So together we have comprised a list of the 6 Marketing Tactics To Fight The Coronavirus Pandemic.

As the days pass, we learn more and more about the disastrous effects resulting from COVID-19. In fact, it’s near impossible to turn on the television without being reminded of these uncertain times. This is why it’s now more important than ever to keep in touch with your customers. Consumers get their fill of consistent COVID-19 coverage and are looking for other more positive sources of news.

Fill that void! Touch base with them, check-in, let them know the most up-to-date information about your business. Explain how hours have changed. Tell them if you are temporarily closing, and how they can help. See if they can leave a positive review, give you a follow, or share a post. Offer incentives like a discounted rate if X amount of their friends give you a like etc. You’re riding this storm with them, remind them that.

2. Be more than just active

Utilizing all your marketing channels is an essential part of brand recognition. Never has the importance of these channels been more prevalent. With the majority of the nation being affected by a stay at home orders, we’re seeing a spike in search engine inquiries, web traffic, and social media. This effect has resulted in a variety of blue-chip companies flooding the channels with advertising. Taking full advantage of this uptick.

For most small business owners there is no unlimited source of capital to tap into and throw at companies such as our own to advertise. Despite the return companies like us can bring, a budget for a comprehensive ad campaign may just not be in the cards now.

This is why it’s so important to be more than just active. Step out of your comfort zone, start a live feed, make fun and relatable Tiktok, look into hiring a content creator, post something that breaks the chain of the consistent marble themed Instagram post your wall is overrun by. Diversify!

Doing so opens the door to re-branding opportunities you may have been too busy to look into before. It’s also a great way to increase your following. Allowing those who may not have noticed your page before to take note. Use hashtags you don’t often or never have used. Cross-reference who’s on your Facebook and who’s on your Instagram. If you have someone you meet at a networking event and realize you don’t have them on your business Instagram page add them. Don’t assume 100% of your business contacts follow you on every one of your social media pages.

3. Reexamine Your Benefits

Take some stay at home time to investigate what the benefits of your company are to the consumer. Why do your customers choose your business in the first place? What are your benefits? Is your food healthier? Does your product have less setup time? Is your service the only one that does xyz?

When COVID-19 is defeated and the economy starts to boom, why are you the ideal choice instead of your competitors? What value do you bring to your clients? If advertising on FB, Google, or other channels is not an option for you at the moment having a good grasp of the answers to these questions is paramount. Once you’re able to answer these questions on the drop of a dime it will better enable you to remind them why they fell in love with your product/service in the first place.

4. Give a little get a little

During an economic crisis, spending is down. People are cutting back. They are looking for discounts and coupons now more than ever. This is not to say promos, discounts, or free giveaways is the saving grace. Yet it’s important and effective when done right. Going off a whim and offering a free xyz to a special client can be regrettable, and reek of desperation.

What is financially sensible for you? Is the promo you see most in your field offering going to work for you? The answer may be no. Great, take that no and get innovative. Ask yourself the following to layout your promo foundation.

  • Whatever product or service you provide, can you offer a discount?

  • Can a promotional campaign work for you?

  • Will emailing consumers shareable coupons increase awareness and possibly build a larger email list?

  • Is a BOGO or Free Shipping in the cards?

  • What percent off can I offer while retaining my products/services quality and value?

  • Can a free inspection or consultation work?

There is a golden opportunity presented here to bring in new customers, retain your current customer base, and increase brand awareness all while doing your part to relieve some financial tension off of those who have invested so much in you.

5. Don’t stop when it’s over

The economy will stabilize in the future. We’ve faced worse and here we stand. We don’t know exactly how long the effects of this pandemic will linger, but when things do finally go back to normal, the marketing habits you’ve formed should become routine. Don’t neglect the important lessons COVID-19 has forced you to learn. Just because business is back to the way it was before doesn’t mean you should somehow enforce “the old ways that have always worked”. If there was ever a wake up call to all business owners to embrace evolution and invest in marketing coronavirus is that.

Effective marketing is just as important when times are good as it is when times are tough. Make it a priority to regularly communicate with your customers, utilize all your marketing channels, look into reasonable experienced local marketing agencies. Hold on to the resilience you’ve built from this turbulent time and embrace empathy when times call out for you too. These qualities will fortify your business's identity as we move forward and power through this economic storm.

We help our clients navigate this pandemic. Get in touch if you would like our assistance with your business!

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