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4 Tips To Rank on Google in 2021

Did you know that Google uses about 200 different variables to rank a website?

The magnitude of that number makes ranking variables on Google intimidating, especially if you are thinking of ranking your site.

Here’s the catch: not all these variables are equally important. Of course, some are necessary, but others may not make much of a difference to your site.

Many of these variables will also have no direct influence on search engines. So, if you just launched your website and are trying to find out which SEO elements to focus on first, well we've separated the main ranking variables on Google below just for you.

Promotonics Marketing Agency’s list of important factors from arguably the most used search engines in the world, that every business owner needs to know:

Google ranking variables | Which are they?

1) # 1. Contents

2) # 2. Backlinks

3) # 3. Mobile experience

4) # 4. Technical factors about ranking variables in Google

SEO is a constantly evolving industry.

Why are ranking variables on Google so important for your site?

Every day Google receives the equivalent of 3.5 billion searches. We are talking about a company that then holds over 85% of the market share in desktop search engines.

Meaning, it is not difficult to determine how popular Google is and, therefore, marketers like our own here at Promotonics want you to perform well in organic search results. However, this can only be done when we are fully aware of the main ranking variables on Google from the ranking of a website.

Promotonics makes efforts focused on optimizing its website and prepares it for search engines, knowing the behavior of the algorithm when crawling web pages. But accuracy comes from knowledge - keeping in mind that Google has never publicly listed what factors they take into account.

There are in fact Google ranking variables related to the domain, OnPage and OffPage variables, technical and content variables to fit you in Google's SERPs (search engine results pages) for the various keywords related to your site in the industry.

One of the objectives of working with the main ranking variables on Google is to inform the search engines that the pages present on your site are indeed relevant for specific queries.

That is, all the content on your site is optimized to make people click on the links and access your site.

Google ranking variables | Which are they?

Since not all ranking variables on Google are the same, we will show you how we maximize our SEO efforts in the most specific ones.

That's because Google's algorithm is always changing, and we cannot blindly trust the 200 ranking factors available to us. But these main ranking variables separated by us are based on studies by our agency and so many others.

#1. Content Is Jester To Googles King

Content is one of the most important variables in Google's ranking.

This is nothing new for anyone - good content has long been an important ranking factor - but in recent years, we have seen a shift from content focused solely on keywords to more relevant content written in “natural” language.

In other words, Google has increasingly shown to evaluate content according to its relevance - and not by including individual keywords.

But how will I know if my content is "relevant"? The answer is short: how comprehensive it is in relation to a subject.

Imagine a survey of the German Shepherd breed: an article with almost 1000 words covers everything, including characteristics of the breed, history, personality, health, care, and even animal rescue groups on the street known to carry said breed. In addition, such a website also includes multiple images, infographics, and embedded videos dedicated to this particular dog breed - that is, everything you want to know about German Shepherds focused on a single page.

Semantic research is here to stay, intensely valuing the relevance of its contents and the optimization of its website, using language that is easy to understand, overcoming illegible and dense ideas present in some keywords.

For us, long content ranks better than short, probably because it allows for a subject full of details. Paradoxically that’s the opposite when looking to build hits on social media pages.

#2. Backlinks

Backlinks remain an important ranking factor for Google. And as time goes by and Google eliminates bad links to strengthen the good ones, this is one of the most trusted variables.

More links to your site will result in a higher score, but only if they belong to several different and official domains.

The key to a strong link-building campaign is to create content that people want and then tirelessly promote that content. When other industry officials read it and link to their respective content, Google reads the corresponding anchor text from your backlink and considers it more relevant.

# 3. Mobile experience

Today it is more important than ever that your content is responsive on all mobile platforms and identical to the content on your desktop site. Mobile device compatibility is now the norm, and with 85% of all sites meeting Google's criteria for compatibility, it's time to further improve your site - think about mobile devices first, but not just them, tablets, gaming devices, etc.

Note: Page speed is another ranking variable at Google that is strongly linked to a good user experience. For sites on the computer, the ideal load is up to 3 seconds or less, while on mobile the load is in 2 seconds or less.

# 4. Technical factors

Finally, there are many other ranking variables on Google that can play a big role in ranking your site


Here are some aspects to be aware of:

Use of key phrases in page titles, which is where Google first searches to determine what content is relevant to your search. (Header 1)

Header tags to show a hierarchy in the content. If your title is formatted between H1, the use of H2 for subtitles and H3 to define topics is perfect for creating a good structure at the time of reading.

Use of a meta description to attract readers with relevant keywords. Short and quick, it aims to convince users that this is the post they were looking for.

SEO is a constantly evolving industry.

After all, in the last few years, we have seen how Google has done and continues to make constant efforts to offer rich content, quality links, and a perfect mobile experience to us, users.

Certainly, other ranking factors are important and play their role in the ranking, but by prioritizing the elements of website improvement based on the variables above, we will be ahead of your competition.

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