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3 Tips On Creating Visual Content That Drives Sales

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

These days the internet is the platform for visual content. Giving way to new, and advanced forms of art. With such advanced advertising mediums such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others, you'll consume a constant supply of multimedia content via your favorite device during the day.

With the average person digesting a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes of screen-time per day (according to the Rescuetime App) the advantage of unique, fun, aesthetic, consumer-driven content is vital.

Many business owners, managers, CEO's have long been aware of this trend and keep content and media presence a high priority. On the other hand, many others don't find it to be necessary. Or they insist that what there doing is working. Which it can be, but is not in most cases. Whether or not you want to believe in the power of content at least one of your competitors does. This presents a real threat for businesses with products or services who have not yet to look further into content marketing.

When you begin to note the different styles of video and images from your competitors displace your more traditional forms of content, it won't take long to hear the phone calls slow down. And by then, you'll forfeit the land and resources to your opponent. To prevent this we've listed...

3 Tips On Creating A Visual Content For Business 


1. Video 

Video is all grown up now. There are many ways to create and use video for your marketing purposes, and you need to be making video a regular tool in your marketing mix. The traffic from YouTube alone is worth it, not to mention the advantages video has over text when it comes to conversions.

Some popular ways to make videos include…

  • Talking head videos

  • Slideshow videos

  • Animated videos

  • Shorts (TikTok, Instagram)

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Product demos

  • Videos sales letters

  • And more!

2. Images

There’s a reason why the top stock photo sharing sites Instagram and Pinterest ranked as the 27th and 36th most popular sites on the internet respectively. People are into imagery, and the ease of sharing and creation has made this into a social media phenomenon.

Creating unique imagery for your various marketing purposes, such as for blog posts, site content, advertising images and more are easier than ever. Free tools that help you easily edit and shape your image and message exactly how you would like it, and create many versions for testing purposes as well.

Not only that, but the images themselves can also have many incarnations, living on your Web properties, the aforementioned photo sharing sites, Google images and more. With proper professional photos, you are able to put out the highest quality content without dipping into the basic stoke photos everyone else already has.

3. Infographics

A hybrid of text and imagery, infographics have their own unique uses in the world of visual content marketing. These are becoming easier and easier to create, as tools are sprouting up that enables even those of us with very modest skills to create stunning infographics.

These allow you to share what could be viewed as “dry” content textually in a way that’s alive and visually compelling. Moreover, one of our favorite things about infographics are the number of times they get shared, bringing traffic and valuable backlinks. A triple threat performer if there ever was one!

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