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Realtors Need To Know These 3 Key Neuromarketing Findings

You may have heard of neuromarketing before. It is the study of how our brains respond to marketing and how it affects your client's behavior, whether consciously or unconsciously. Today, science, using technology tools, has been studying and making more precise discoveries about this machine. Further understanding how we make our decisions, how our brain reacts and creates personal preferences, etc. As a business owner, director of communication, manager, marketer, and sales professional all wrapped in one, it is imperative you as a realtor further grasp these concepts. Doing so does not give you a green light to manipulate clients, but rather cater more towards their needs.

1. Our brain loves images.

That old popular saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is fully supported by science today. Our capacity to process images is infinitely greater than texts, approximately 90% of the data that our brain processes is visual.

Therefore, not investing in the quality of the photographs and video of the properties you sell means less efficiency, not only that, but you are also a “photograph”, the way you present yourself, dress, your hair, makeup, all of this is processed through your customer's brain during service.

It processes the image more than what you say, and you will get more results if you are concerned about it. Does this mean go out and buy that Gucci top to make an impression? No of course not, but if I’m being honest, I’d surely remember that (insert laugh emoji here). The story that only content sells is a lie, good products with bad packaging are on the shelves every day. Invest in some good packaging.

2. We have a primitive brain.

The primitive brain is 100% emotional, reacts instinctively and automatically. The so-called reptilian brain, it is the oldest part of your brain, it has been there for millions of years in the genetic development of humans. Marketing takes advantage of this, the research shows that we respond to some stimuli from our primitive brain almost instantly, but how can this be useful to the realtor?

By giving you the advantage of knowing what to look out for in marketing efforts. Pay close attention to your communication, what your customer sees first when they enter your website (Think high-quality imagery as mentioned, or really stand out with an expert promo video,, the title of your email marketing, logo, posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, your cover photo on social networks and the general detail that can generate some instant reaction.

3. Our brain loves faces.

Research suggests that because of natural selection our brains have been trained to identify who threatens us and with whom we can create relationships. Because of this, since birth we are used to recognizing and having preferences for human faces, the part of our brain responsible for this is close to that responsible for our emotions. And how can you take advantage of this?

Try to use images of real faces in your marketing materials, in your landing pages, emails, and all the material created to lead your client to a “call to action”. Eye-tracking studies demonstrate that as a standard we tend to look first at human faces and then at where they are looking. So, if you need to draw attention to something specific in your material, this may be the way.


These three discoveries about the functioning of the human brain and its relationship with marketing may seem like a small detail, but if you look you will notice that you often react that way with different products from other sectors, so if it works on you, you can also make it work for you. Go get em.

For a real boost to your marketing efforts discover what Promotonics Marketing Agency can do for you. We understand that every realtor is, in every right a business owner. Here at Promotonics were built for you. Set up your FREE consultation today HERE

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