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See it, Know it! Creating The Ideal Logo for your business

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Your logo's main function is to provide your company with a visual identity that speaks to consumers.

Be creative and a little realistic with your logo design

Informing them not only what you do, but of who you are. If your logo is marketed and created right, it should be recognized immediately. People should be able to link to the symbol with your brand and business.

Consider This:

We consider the following criteria for your logo creation. Your logo should be:

– Recognizable

– Unique

– Versatile

– Iconic

– Relevant

– Original

Unique is better

Some say simple is better because you need to come up with something that people can copy (remember what we said about kids drawing Nike ticks onto their homework diaries?). Making your logo more versatile which means that you’ll be able to use it in more places. Should anyone say this to you know to not take them too seriously? It's 2020 and in this new decade, unique is key. No matter how unique the design, technology is sophisticated enough to convert your logo anywhere you need. When a designer says this to you it should translate like this: " I can do simple really well because real well is all I can do." With us "real well" doesn't cut it. This is essentially the face of your company and it should shine.

Your logo expresses you

Finally, make sure that your logo expresses everything you want to say about your business. That means not only communicating the niche, the industry, and the kinds of products and services you’ll be selling – but also the mission statement and the emotion. This is why you need to come up with your mission statement before your logo. It's the driving force for us to feed off of in the creation of the ideal logo for your business.

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